A feast of beauty and wine at the Londa Beach Hotel

The island’s beauty emerges from the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea and stretches all the way to the peak of Mount Troodos. It flows like stardust in the early sunlight rays and brushes your skin with the night breeze. It awaits to be discovered amongst the sepia picturesque traditional villages just as it flaunts gloriously ahead the magnificent purple-blue horizons. And when you experience the island’s splendor in such ways, you cannot help but wonder whether the ancient Cypriot myths were actually true: Did Aphrodite really emerge from the Paphos shores? Did she indeed bestow her graces and seductive touch to this magical land of perfect weather and amazing landscapes? Whichever the case, Cyprus is unquestionably a feast of the senses and at the Londa Beach Hotel it becomes a voyage of the senses, sealed with Limassol’s luxurious experiences.

At the end of each summer, Limassol plays host to a different kind of feast. A feast where the god of wine, Dionysus, combines his divinity with goddess Aphrodite, only to give us the harvests of their eternal graces. The Wine Festival is a week-long celebration, where joy flows in the air just as easily as wine fills your glass. From the 26th of August until the 4th of September, thousands of people will fill the Municipal Gardens, just across the Limassol seafront, to celebrate the rich harvests of Cyprus vineyards, enjoy an abundance of local wine, and dance away to folkloric rhythms. Wine lovers must make their appearance and “pay tribute” to the gods who endowed this island with so much.

Goddess Aphrodite is staying at the Londa Beach Hotel

There are moments in life when reality fades in a haze of myths and fairy tales and we gaze at it hopeful for what’s to come. It’s like love at first sight. Or, when what’s real becomes irrelevant and what’s beautiful and unique becomes necessary and that’s the sensation you get the moment you step into the Londa Beach Hotel. A hotel so mesmerizing that if Aphrodite were real, this would be her nest… She emerges from the pool and relaxes in our Londa Beach Hotel Spa facilities. The beds remind her of the downy clouds of Olympus Mount while the cocktails at Caprice give her the same divine satisfaction as the gods’ nectar. We surely know she isn’t real but her beauty certainly resides at the Londa Beach Hotel.

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Watch our latest video
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