Fabulous Winter @ Londa Beach Hotel

Limassol may not always be a top of mind destination for a winter getaway but this is about to change. The Limassol Tourism Board is embarking on a mission; to acquaint the travellers with the year-round delights of the city. And there are truly many such pleasures. Londa Beach Hotel is one of them.

Beyond Accommodation

Once visitors step out of the Londa, they have a variety of options: if they are lovers of culture they may take a tour around the well-known and rather obvious archaeological sites, if they are history buffs they may visit the medieval castle, where Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre, if they are sports addicts they may play tennis or enjoy hiking, cycling (on and off road), horse riding, golf, air sports and skiing. One might argue that these are the obvious choices a descent travel destination should provide its visitors with, but the city of Limassol is constantly in search for more. In fact, it is currently building on its urban qualities in order to attract the city break crowd, who prefer to relish the shopping, spa, restaurants and wines a destination offers.

The full experience

For the ultimate spa and culinary experiences, the Londa Beach Hotel offers its guests an unparalleled experience. The Londa Spa and Club offer professional treatments with top quality products while the Caprice restaurant treats its guests with a modern Mediterranean cuisine with a creative twist. The rest is up to the discerning guests to discover, once they start exploring the city of Limassol. The newly restored and award-winning Carob Mill, the old town, the marina and the new coastal park are definitely worth a visit. Guests visiting during December, will have the chance to attend numerous Christmas events and fairs. The atmosphere is absolutely magical as tradition and modern lifestyle blend seamlessly in a festive panorama, enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

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Watch our latest video
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