Limassol Wine Festival inspires us @ Londa

It was first celebrated 53 years ago. Now it is an integral part of the city’s landscape and identity. Limassol Wine Festival will be held until the 6th of September inviting wine lovers, travelers and the city’s population to be a part of that celebration.

In vino veritas

It may be called “wine festival” but offers to festival goers much more than wine. Seventy wine makers and their labels will be presented and along with them: various dance and music acts, theatre performances, oenology seminars and even a ride with antique cars around the city of Limassol. That way the attendees have the chance to repeat their visit and still manage to see a new unexplored aspect of the same event. Wine has always been an important part of the Cypriot culture and the empowerment of this tradition with more events, relevant to modern times and the current lifestyle are certain to keep it going and growing for many years to come.

Inspiring Londa

At the Londa Beach Hotel we aim to for this kind of vigor and alert. Creating a comprehensive hospitality experience and at the same time customizing it to meet the expectations and fulfill the aspirations of each guest is a great challenge. And we answer this challenge by always refreshing our proposal to them and making sure we stay in tune with what they love and find important in order to curate their personal experience of Londa. This is a standard operating procedure for us and we hope our guests appreciate it. At least this is the feedback we get, as we have managed to gain repeat visitors and their positive reviews and recommendations. We certainly hope our efforts pay off in one more way; that we may enjoy longevity and constant evolution like the one the Limassol Wine Festival enjoys, so that we receive happy re-visitors for many more years to come too.

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Watch our latest video
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