Luxury redefined as authentic and personalised at 5 Star Hotels Cyprus

The rise of the luxury boutique hotel in the last 30 years is a global phenomenon that has also impacted the world of 5 Star Hotels Cyprus. While there’s no international standard, and each country usually ranks a hotel by their own system, the awarding of 1 to 5 stars is traditionally based upon a hotel’s level of service, facilities, cleanliness, location and price.

5 star hotels Cyprus - Londa hotel

Cyprus continues to grow as a popular travel destination, up from the island’s previous tourist record of 2.7 million in 2001 to 3.18 million visitors in 2016. So it’s no surprise that southern Cyprus offers a number of 5 star hotels providing their guests with stunning views of the  Mediterranean. Clearly, location is a big star winner.

However, a visitor who chooses a 5 star hotel expects to receive an exceptionally high standard of service and customer care in a luxury setting. Among the special bedroom suites, there may also be several restaurants, bars, a swimming pool, gym and spa, as well as business facilities, 24 hour room and concierge services, and valet parking.

5 Stars Hotels Cyprus – Post-modern makeover

Nevertheless, since the mid 1980s, the definition of a luxury hotel has undergone a post-modern makeover. The emergence of the boutique hotel is aimed at the sophisticated global traveller seeking a luxury experience redefined as active, engaged and mindful. For the new wave of cultural explorer, 5 star luxury, which defines non-necessities above the basic need to make life more comfortable, is no longer enough.

Today, hotels which seek to offer a 5 star experience must reach out to engage their guests in an authentic and personalised experience that redefines luxury not simply as superior décor and extensive amenities. For luxury boutique  hotels to win over the well-travelled visitor, they must offer an “emotional dimension” to guests seeking purposeful interaction and a meaningful connection to their understanding of local cultural location.

Genuine historical ties with its location

Today’s guest at a 5 star hotel in Cyprus needs to know that they can have trust and confidence in the hotel to offer them the experiences they seek, defined as the new luxury lifestyle. In historic Cyprus, the journey begins with an appeal to the sense of authentic culture and tradition.

A hotel may be wrapped in shiny modernist amenity with a designer nod to a cultural aesthetic, but to succeed with the new wave luxury traveller, it must possess genuine historical ties with its location and be embedded within the local community.

The term, luxury as exclusive, personalised experiences should aim to present a holistic, wellness facility and environment accompanied by the best locally sourced food. The hotel environment should be naturally expressed by providing awareness and access to local and regional art, music, dance and other less well-known cultural forms.

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