Londa’s Own “Baths of Aphrodite” – Rediscover Eternal Youth at a Luxury Beach Yoga and Spa Therapy

“Time to relax”. Three little words that can have a big meaning. Today, taking a summer break or annual vacation is often less about “doing nothing at all”. Instead, it’s increasingly seen as an opportunity to engage with experiences that rediscover energies and meaning too easily lost in our everyday, hectic lives. But it may take a focused act of mindfulness to actually be able to stop and unwind, to get back in touch with ourselves and reconnect with those three other often used words – mind, body and soul.

Around a 1.5 hours drive from Londa Hotel at the northwest tip of Cyprus, near Akakamas Peninsula National Park, is the “Bath of Aphrodite”. Half hidden amongst the caves and fig trees in a quiet, secluded area is the pool, where it is said, the Goddess of Love herself used to bathe. It was while bathing in the cool, green waters that Aphrodite also first met her lover, Adonis, when he stopped by the pool to quench his thirst while hunting.

Legend also has it that if you bathe in the water you will be given the gift of eternal youth – or fall in love with the next person you see! Unfortunately, public bathing is not permitted in the pool, so mere mortals seeking their own mythic, immersive experience must find a suitable, spiritual alternative…

We like to believe that Londa Beach Hotel offers that alternative. A total experience of renewal and wellbeing. As a curator of luxury customer experience, we enable our guests to follow in the modern rituals of the mythic goddess of love, beauty and the inner, life-affirming energies. Today, you can take your own personal journey of redemption and self-renewal with our personalised Beach Yoga classes and Londa spa treatments.

Reconnect and retune your natural energy

Could there be a more transcendent experience of “being in the moment” than a yoga session beneath a radiant Mediterranean sky? Londa yoga courses aim to help you reconnect and retune your natural energy to relieve stress and leave you revitalised. From the nearby shoreline, you may find yourself intently listening to the sound of the waves filling the sun warmed air. Yoga is a practice aimed at enhancing concentration and mental clarity. The classes can combine a range of traditional Yoga styles which include asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.

An “Asana” is a seated position that is firm, but relaxed, and can be performed to promote good health, in which positions are adopted for the physical body to “raise awareness, relaxation and concentration”. Among the traditional rules for performing asanas are the control of breathing, and the slow lowering of the head and other parts of the body, specifically, the raised heels.

Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of prana, or vital life force, and the foundation of yoga practice. The practice begins with the deepening of breathing in three parts then moves into more advanced breathing exercises. Londa can also provide personalised sessions for first time Yoga explorers or experienced practitioners to progress your journey of wellbeing to the next level.

Physical and spiritual reinvigoration

We are confident that Aphrodite herself would have booked her place on one of the Londa Spa total immersive experiences aimed at physical and spiritual reinvigoration! Our philosophy of combining natural elements with the latest technology is designed to restore inner calm and peace by stilling a restless mind and awakening the source of vital, physical energy.

We have seven trained therapists always on hand to provide you with your very own personalised massage treatment, based on the Swedish method and blended with acupressure point therapy. Our holistic approach to wellness means our treatments are developed using only the purest organic ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients. “Phyto” refers to the Greek word for plant, and natural plant compounds are strongly linked to health-protecting qualities.

Today’s holistic spa experience is more than simple leisure pampering! You could find out why by feeling the immediate benefits of a “Jet Lag Massage” or discover how a total Elemis or sea-sourced Thalgo Spa-Therapy can transform your life with their internationally renowned facial and body treatments.

In the end, it simply may not matter that you are unable to take the waters at the Bath of Aphrodite. At Londa, you are able to be at one with the true spirit and meaning of the gods. Our relaxation area is open every day to all guests to explore our plunge pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. When you truly take “time to relax”, in a magical moment of transformation, you are sure to rediscover your own inner, eternal youth.