Magical sounds @ the Londa Beach Hotel

Shh… listen! Listen to the music which permeates the air with such grace. Listen to every note and pauses of silence, for a real experience of the senses. Embrace this moment and its rhythm; allow the ample beats of your heart relive moments of whimsy and intrigue of your last stay at the Londa Beach Hotel!

Isn’t it a great mystery how we can let go to the music? How notes can be perfectly orchestrated and intertwined into chords- and how a set of instruments harmoniously blend together to produce pure magic? How can we best emote within these rhythms, in their lows and highs?

It may be the familiarity of some chords that evoke our memories or perhaps the lingering melodies that trigger our emotions, or even the warm, instantaneous beats that awaken our instincts, going back to our ancestors. One thing is for sure- they surely find a way to permeate through the air and straight into our hearts.

Music floats naturally in the air and enriches the environment we live in. In the same way, Sarah Alden and Kyle Sanna, will put up a unique performance on 15th September at the Old Vinegar House in Limassol with ‘When the Night Fell Away from the Sea.’ Aiming to illuminate the significance of being mindful and awake, they combine music and videos, spoken words and audio samples in order to orchestrate timeless moments and experiences.

Does luxury have a sound?

No, luxury does not have a sound, nor a rejuvenating effect! It possesses an unheard of but surely familiar melody! A melody so perfectly orchestrated, down to the last detail. Just like a maestro guiding every single musician giving cues at the right moments letting chords and notes travel in the air to create a compound of harmony and perfection. If the Londa Beach Hotel was a maestro, he/she would be one of the best. Blending a sense of awe with the need to unwind; relieving stress and replacing it with carefreeness; and unveiling the hidden gems of sophisticated luxury!

It’s how our team players are always geared to play their part in creating the ideal, most ambient and atmospheric experience for their audience. And the exclusive audience of our ‘concert’ at the Londa Beach Hotel, is always you!