The soul breathes music into your ears @ the Londa Beach Hotel

They say that the soul is the third element of human existence. That it’s the essence that brings meaning into our lives and gives it an immortal dimension. That it transcends the world of matter and connects to the epitome of being. It’s that substance that takes away our superficial needs only to reveal the important things in life; one’s true self and relieve it from daily distress. The Londa Beach Hotel is the ideal place to escape to, soak the beauty of the Mediterranean sea and allow your soul guide you to the most magnificent and mesmerizing joys of relaxation and recreation.

The soul also glows in joy and expresses its divinity in many art forms. Just like music. An ethereal element that, like the soul, holds no matter but traverses through the airwaves, reaches our ears, touches our hearts and inflates our soul like a red balloon floating in the sky. Limassol will be resonating with the ambient, soothing sounds of acoustic music at the third Limassol Acoustic Festival, on August 6th, at the Old Municipal Market. On August 11th the sounds of soul music will move your heart and body to the rhythm of fun and carelessness, at Potamos Germasogias, where the first LimasSoul Festival will take place.

The quintessence of holiday relaxation

Your soul doesn’t need much to elevate its true essence into the stratosphere of calmness and relaxation… Immerse yourself in an inspirational environment and lift your spirit. Add a tat of relaxation at the Londa Beach Hotel and the effect is even more divine! Use the Mediterranean sea as your placemat whilst the clear, blue sky embraces every single bit of your heart’s desires. The Londa Beach Hotel’s rooms and suites along with the Londa Hotel Spa will simply set your soul free and unconsciously show you what the true meaning of a holidays is.