Celebrating the Orthodox Easter @ Londa Beach Hotel

Cyprus in general and Limassol in particular are inhabited by people of different cultural backgrounds. This makes this city interesting. It’s vibrating atmosphere never fails to impress the guests and visitors especially around this time of the year. The lemon trees blossom and the sun is usually high but the mood is a little gloomy. This is the essence of the Orthodox Easter. Celebrating, through Jesus’s story of passion, the human soul’s immense capacity to overcome and thrive.
Other than the religious connotation of the celebrations there are a few noteworthy traditional rituals and customs we should mention like the baking of the flaounes, the special Cypriot delicacy of dough and cheese, and tsourekia and the roasting of the lamb on the special spit called ‘souvla’ on Easter Sunday.

Have a taste @ Londa Beach Hotel

Keeping tabs with tradition and making it accessible to all our foreign visitors and guests is one of our favourite tasks here at Londa Beach Hotel. We have prepared a wonderful traditional After Mass Breakfast, which we will serve on the always delightful Caprice Terrace. You will have a chance to enjoy the traditional flaounes, tsourekia and magiritsa soup. At lunch you may enjoy all the customary offerings of the ‘souvla’ plus pure and freshly made salads and dips.
The most important custom to observe though is the “kiss of love” – Christian love that is. Chink the Easter red eggs then kiss the person you chink eggs with and say to each other “Hristos Anesti”. It means “Jesus has risen” and it is an expression of hope that along with Him, love for our fellow humans will rise also.

Have a Happy Easter