Londa joins the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™

Londa Beach hotel has joined the elite and prestigious circles of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™. And as Londa takes its place on the SLH website and in their brochures, the joys of our wonderful boutique hotel are unveiled to a new circle of guests that we are pleased to welcome.

A good match

When people meet and they get on straight away it feels like the perfect fit, and it’s the same with two organisations. Hence when we met up with the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ [SLH], we understood that this was a good match.

Unrivalled and award-winning

SLH prides itself on including in their portfolio only the best and the most captivating small independent hotels from a kaleidoscope of global venues. And this is where the Londa fitted the criteria of SLH so easily; we are independent, we are family owned, we are designer styled, individual and, as our guests report, we have great facilities and five star service. Eligibility was assured and in September 2014 Londa became a member of this select club.
But what does SLH do for guests? Well, members of SLH gain access to Londa, bookable through the SHL website with the club promising a seamless reservation process, exclusive offers, gift vouchers and instant benefits. Our participation also places Londa, Limassol and Cyprus squarely on the map as a destination equal to the most beautiful; as Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ points out, this is to ‘Experience Another World’.

Among the Few

If you consider how many hotels there in the world, then it is with great pride that we have been welcomed into the SLH fold. They manage a website and for the first 3 months the Londa hotel details are featured on the New Hotels page. Londa also receives global coverage in the quarterly publication distributed by SLH to all their associates and members and we gain a place on the list of just 520 hotels in 80 countries all chosen for their unique character, personal service and memorable experiences.
When general manger Jochen Niemann confirmed the SLH connection he said, “We know that competition is fierce and only the exceptional get on the list. However, with the facilities we have to offer, our personally-styled 68 rooms and suites, Caprice restaurant, Spa, Pool bar overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and of course most importantly, our exceptional and dedicated staff, we knew that SLH was a great fit for us and our guests.”

We will be displaying the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ symbol of excellence with great pride.