Spa Hotel Cyprus

There are more than 500 hotels listed on the various travel sites for Cyprus that many visitors, whether on a single business trip or family holiday break, often use to find the right accommodation for their stay.

Of the 3 million annual visitors to the island, increasingly, a new generation of visitor/ tourist seeks a Spa hotel Cyprus rather than limit themselves to days spent on a sun lounger round the pool.

In the age of “boutique” style leisure activities, the focus is upon offering guests the immersive experience of “total wellness of mind body and soul”.

The annual vacation or mini-holiday break is increasingly seen as an opportunity to totally unwind and reconnect with the inner self. Experiences are sought with the aim of rediscovering energy and meaning too easily lost in people’s daily, hectic lives.

Top Hotels Cyprus

In recent years, the top hotels Cyprus have been busy redefining the meaning of ‘luxury style’ by offering a range of facilities that engage with personal health and wellbeing.

One of their chief aims is to act as an environment for pro-active relaxation and an enhanced personalised holistic experience. A few of the top hotels will not only include a health and beauty spa, gym and sauna but also yoga / meditation sessions, often conducted on the beach.

The beaches of Cyprus are known around the world as the mythic birthplace of Venus, which invariably means the island is always associated with the concept of love, beauty and pleasure.

It’s not surprising that visitors will book in at the top hotels while staying on the island of Venus so that they might relax busy minds, indulge neglected senses and find their inner love god or goddess with a spa treatment.

Best Hotel in Limassol

Every year, around 1 in 7 visitors to Cyprus choose to stay in Limassol, located at the most southerly edge of the island, and are increasingly part of the rise in the phenomenon of ‘health and wellbeing’ tourism.

Their desire to find the best hotel in Limassol often involves searching among those Limassol hotels listed as offering an extensive range of personalised spa and massage treatments.

Londa Beach Hotel, for example, is located at the heart of Limassol, just 3.6 kms from the magnificent 650-berth Limassol Marina, and plays host to guests arriving from all around the world throughout the year.

Seven trained therapists are always on hand to provide a personalised massage treatment based on the Swedish method, which is also blended with Chinese acupressure point therapy.

Their holistic approach to wellness means treatments are developed using only the purest organic ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients. “Phyto” refers to the Greek word for plant, and natural plant compounds are strongly linked to health-protecting qualities.

The journey back to a sense of wellbeing can often start with the facial and body treatments of an Elemis or sea-sourced Thalgo Spa-Therapy. Guests may also want to explore the hotel’s dedicated ‘Relaxation Area’, aimed at providing the skin-tingling pleasures of plunge pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

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