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In an age where the personalised and the authentic are experiences most sought after by the modern traveller, the rise of the small luxury hotel is no coincidence. Interest in the luxury hospitality industry has risen by nearly 8 per cent, worldwide. The desire of the curious, yet ever discerning global explorer, is now to connect in an utterly genuine way with their destination and to truly engage with the “local way of life”.

It is the most innovative of the small luxury hotels Cyprus which are at the forefront of a quiet revolution in upmarket travel at the historic Mediterranean waters edge. Today, the demand is increasingly for lifestyle and real life to mingle and merge into one holistic, life-affirming meditation…

small luxury hotels cyprus

Feeling that you really “are there in the moment”

The role of the small luxury hotel has evolved to be the supreme facilitator, which enables a convergence of enhanced guest experiences. The sophisticated, cosmopolitan visitor not only seeks the personalised and the immersive, they also wish to advance their knowledge during their cultural adventures and gain an in-depth understanding of the communities they meet.
While a passion for the directly engaged and meaningful is not new, the emphasis on a “mindful experience” that you really “are there in the moment” is an imperative that is more important to the traveller than ever before.

Small luxury hotels Cyprus – Wish to embrace a sense of wellness

For small luxury hotels to succeed today, they must offer “higher spiritual and emotional motives” to attract guests seeking out destinations on their own private journey to inner fulfilment, creativity, self esteem, and a sense of true belonging in the world.
Their guests not only want bespoke interiors and evocative dining, they also wish to embrace a sense of wellness informed by activities and cultural forms brought together at one destination. The luxury small hotels takes on a new role as an environmental curator of customised customer experience.

Trust in the hotel to offer the experience they seek

Appealing to a sense of culture and tradition is at the heart of the small luxury hotel in historic Cyprus, where guests can have trust and confidence in the hotel to offer them the experiences they seek.

A hotel, which has long historical ties with their location and is embedded within the local community are naturally placed to offer exclusive, personalised experiences. The interactions can range from meeting interesting local characters and sampling the best local market food to experiencing art, music, dance, and other local or national cultural forms of expression.
In today’s world where virtual reality blurs the lines in ‘the perceived’ versus ‘the experienced’ space, the need for a sense of the human and the real becomes the luxury traveller’s goal in their choice of hotel destination.

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