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Of an estimated 530 hotels which may be found across the various listing sites for Cyprus, around two dozen may be described as luxury hotels Limassol. Contained within 41.87 km2 (16.17 sq miles) at the most southerly edge of the island, Limassol is the island’s third most popular visitor destination.

With a glittering Mediterranean lapping at its ancient shoreline, Limassol has also been rated the 3rd “up-and-coming” destination in the world, according to Trip Advisor’s ‘Top 10 Traveller’s Choice Destinations on the Rise’. The emergence of the luxury hotel and their appeal to a new generation of holiday adventurer is no accident…

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Playing a vital part in drawing the culturally curious holidaymaker

Limassol has long been a vibrant stage for music, drama, sport and food festivals the whole year round. There is also a full calendar of international trade shows and leisure exhibitions, such as the Limassol Boat Show. Add to this, a 17 million euro transformation of the harbour area which was unveiled in 2014, complete with a magnificent 650-berth marina, artificial islands and residential dwellings.

Of the 3 million visitors to Cyprus in 2016, a record average of 13 per cent stayed in Limassol throughout the course of the year, say the Government of Cyprus Statistical Service. Clearly, the new breed of luxury hotels Limassol are playing a vital part in drawing the culturally curious holidaymaker in their quest for the personalised, immersive and above all, authentic experience. How to distinguish the newly defined luxury hotel from its previous role?

Today’s traveller seeks to satisfy a different sense of luxury

The meaning of luxury is no longer confined to grand statements of elegant décor and ever more extreme stylistic indulgences of the exclusively material kind. To succeed with the new wave luxury sensibility, there must be genuine historical ties with location connection and the local community. Today’s traveller sophisticates seeks to satisfy a different sense of luxury beyond designer interiors and auteur dining. Their goal is to fully embrace “mindful experience” which may reawaken a sense of true belonging in the world.

In their quest for greater inner fulfilment, today’s visitors have recast the hotel’s role as a luxury destination to one that offers an “emotional dimension”. Sensory, intellectual and cultural activities are brought together in a compelling, life-affirming holistic whole. A luxury hotel is a facilitator of personalised experience with amenities for immersive, enhanced wellbeing.

Luxury Hotels Limassol – Purposeful interaction and a meaningful connection

A guest staying at a newly defined luxury hotel aims to seek out purposeful interaction and a meaningful connection to their understanding of location and environment. Appealing to a sense of the authentic cannot be simulated or contrived.

The essential realness has to be expressed through a natural awareness and access to local and regional activities and traditions in art, music, dance and other less well-known cultural forms. The success of a luxury hotel Limassol, by definition, is realised by the trust and confidence their guests place in the hotel’s true ability to offer the genuine and the transformative in the experiences they seek.

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