Boutique Hotels in Cyprus

The emergence of boutique hotels in Cyprus is a growing trend! For more than three decades, the ‘personalised’ holiday experience continues to be a hot ticket among the fashionable and exclusive visitor destinations around the globe.

boutique hotels in cyprus

Boutique Hotels in Cyprus Popularity

The concept of the ‘boutique’  has also gained increasing popularity around the Mediterranean resorts. Today’s  holiday-maker has increasingly overturned the traditional view of a journey abroad. The well-travelled may quickly grow tired of endless idle days on a sun lounger and the usual round of crowded tourist sites. They have a yearning for a more personalised, authentic experience on their holiday breaks and seasonal vacations.

In Cyprus, of a total of 790 ‘accommodation’ units, there were 223 hotels and 164 hotel apartments recorded in December 2016, according to KPMG Cyprus Tourism Report, February 2017. Undoubtedly, a growing number would arguably be classed as  ‘boutique’ but what makes one hotel more ‘personalised’ more than another? Every visitor will have their own idea, and boutique hotels in Cyprus as in a number of other popular holiday locations, aim to cater to that unique need.

Growing appetite for innovative and immersive well-being experiences

Visitor surveys have tended to reinforce the traditional view that Cyprus is seen as a summer holiday destination because of its “warm climate and coastal beaches”. It is sure to be viewed as the reason why there were 3.18 million visitors to the island in 2016 – up by 20 per cent from 2.65 million in 2015. It’s sure to also account for why the Cyprus Tourism Organisation is currently looking at 30 applications for hotel expansion or renovation in Famagusta as well as 6 building permit applications for new hotels in Paphos, Limassol, and Famagusta too.

Yet there is a noticeably growing appetite for innovative and immersive well-being experiences. A new and discerning generation of island visitors need to know which hotels truly can cater to their redefinition of “luxury” holidaymaking. The hotel and hospitality industry, itself, describes a boutique hotel as a small to mid size hotel containing around 40-80 rooms, which strives to offer guests ‘exclusive’ luxury and ‘high-level’ services.

Mindfulness and heightened re-engagement with the senses

A self-described ‘boutique’ hotel in Cyprus may be distinguished by its specific designer décor throughout the interior, as well as ‘individualised’ to each guest bedroom. Visitors searching for a more personalised hotel experience should look for a range of guest amenities, from spa massage, beauty treatments, yoga and wellness activities on the beach to a regular programme of cultural activities, such as local music and dance concerts, art and photography.

Latest research concludes that countries, such as Cyprus need to continue developing an alternative approach alongside the customary promotion of “sun, sea and sand” if they want to remain top tourist destinations and help their economies to grow.

The studies reinforce the trend towards enhancing the quality of the visitor experience and the future of a country’s tourist revenues beyond the “sun, sea and sand” seasonal tourism. Holidays should be offered, which focus on wine, gastronomy and culture. Mindfulness and heightened re-engagement with the senses is often a holidaymaker’s defining memory of luxury relaxation, boutique style in Cyprus.

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