A closer look at Londa while travel plans are postponed

The current period of uncertainty and restriction on movement in Cyprus is set to continue until 13th April, according to the latest government announcement. Currently, temperatures in Limassol are around 19 – 21C and the traditional summer season should be starting as Easter approaches. As May comes around, the mercury starts to hit an average of 27-29C every day. Will we see an easing of restrictions by then? Everyone hopes so! It’s a question that even 6th century Greek philosophers would not have been able to answer.

Boutique Lifestyle Hotels: No Major Disruption from Airbnb

In July 2019, the number of 5-Star hotels in Cyprus was 26, less than half of 4-Star hotels, which was 58, according to the Cyprus Hospitality Report (KPMG). Overall, the number of ‘star’ hotels had risen by a modest 7 per cent over the last ten years. Meanwhile, the number of Airbnb ‘peer-to-peer’ bookings in 2018 alone hit 42,000 – a rise of more than two thirds (68.9per cent).

Limassol Carnival – ten days of local celebration and masked ball mayhem!

It’s mid February and love is in the air – followed by ten days of colourful party-time mayhem… from celebrating St Valentine’s Day on Friday 14th to the annual Limassol Carnival starting on Thursday 20th. A traditional Cyprus twosome that says spring is nearly here, which means Limassol’s summer visitor season will soon be in full swing.

Peloponnese Wine Festival Biggest Showcase in Limassol: Track Your Favourite Taste Online!

The first of many annual Cyprus festivals dedicated to celebrating the fruit of the vine arrives in Limassol. Wine lovers, connoisseurs, the culturally curious, and lifestyle hotel guest, alike, should expect a ‘vintage’ experience exploring authentic heritage wines from a Mediterranean vineyard terroir. The Peloponnese Wine Festival 2020 – now in it’s fourth year – will showcase the biggest ever collection of its finest quality, native and international wine varieties grown in ancient vineyards across the Greek peninsula, from Nemea and Patra to Mantinia, Monemvasia and Kalamata.

In With the New at Londa’s Website – Play On with a Traditional Vienna Concert in Limassol!

2020 – not just new year but a new decade. And it’s “in with the new” at Londa too! We start 2020 with a new-look website. We hope you like the fresh, bold, hi-definition photography. Booking a room at Londa is a more immersive experience than ever before. Even Aphrodite herself would have simply loved to glide from the Deluxe Sea View Room to the Honeymoon Suite.

New Year’s Eve traditions and classics – from a Londa Gala Dinner and Cats in Limassol to naughty sprites and lucky cake!

New Years Eve through to New Year’s Day in Limassol, as throughout Cyprus, is the traditional time for giving presents, receiving money and making a wish for love. Popular folklore also tells of dealing with troublesome sprights. This year the only mythic creatures likely to be found are performing in the classic musical, ‘Cats’, on onstage at Limassol’s Pattihio Theatre. For many couples, it could be the perfect, delightful way to celebrate New Year – theatre followed by dinner… especially if it’s the 6 course Gala Dinner at the Londa’s own Caprice Restaurant.

Christmas in Cyprus: Iconic recipes prepared in heated ovens everywhere

Christmas at Londa! “But where else?”, comes a chorus in unison – and a typical reply from the hotel’s ever-growing family of devoted guests. Returning year after year for that special boutique blend of modern lifestyle experience gently wrapped in a traditional Cyprus, festive glow. As ever, Executive chef, Michael Vassos of Londa’s Italian-styled Caprice Restaurant has put together another one of his fantastic Festive Christmas and New Year Menus. Every last detail is in place and an air of calm anticipation gently settles around the lobby area.

Lighting Up Limassol Christmas Land: Festive Countdown Begins!

Nothing says “Christmas is coming” more than the tinsel and glitter, hustle and bustle of the traditional Christmas Fairs, Christmas Lands and Festive concerts that magically appear in and around Limassol at the start of December. Londa too, is once again busy preparing her special Festive Christmas and New Year Packages, which include an overnight stay with breakfast, Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve dinners, and Afternoon Tea by the fireplace in the Caprice Lounge Bar.

Spirit of Aphrodite: Unique Handmade Crafts Show at Londa & Maserati Blu Diamond Fashion Day at Limassol Marina

Beauty and the pleasure of creativity are always at the cultural heart of Cyprus, the mythic birthplace of Aphrodite. The 3rd Maserati Blu Diamond Fashion Day is to be held at the Limassol Marina on Sunday 17th November. Over the same weekend, Londa plays host to her latest community event – “Wintery Crafts” – a wonderful opportunity to purchase beautiful, uniquely handcrafted gifts created by local artists and craftsmen – organised by AllHandHomeMade.

Non-Stop Treat (No Trick) – Halloween in Limassol and “Open Doors” Wine Month!

Autumn in Limassol can be a slightly surreal – or possibly, spooky experience! Visitors on a mini-break are often from countries where a chill in the misty air and damp, curling leaves underfoot more than set the scene for Halloween celebrations. With typical temperatures currently at 27C in Limassol, it feels more like high noon at midsummer than the bewitching hour for tricking and treating.

Exclusive Interview: Londa Spa Manager Says Guests are taken on a “Journey of Tranquillity”

In only two years, ‘Wellness tourism’ grew by 6.5 per cent. At the same time, it’s reported that focus on the travel “experience” continues its rapid shift to travellers who increasingly seek personal “transformation”. In the second of our exclusive interviews, Londa Spa Manager, Marcela Fojtikova provides insight and shares her thoughts on therapies and treatments, explaining that “unique deep pressure techniques are tailored to individual needs” for relieving stress.

September Wellbeing – On The Limassol Hiking Trail!

The redefining of holiday luxury as boutique lifestyle experience and personal wellbeing. For some Londa guests it could mean choosing the vegetarian options on the Caprice menu or a visit to Londa Spa for a relaxing therapy session. The curious adventurer abroad in Limassol might be keen to gain knowledge and insight from some of the many nearby historical and cultural sites.

Relaxation and Wellbeing – the healing powers of medicinal flowers and plants

On the island birthplace of Greek love goddess, Aphrodite (the Roman ‘Venus’), it’s no surprise that Cyprus preserves the traditional annual festivals dedicated to celebrating all things floral. The rose and myrtle flowers were both sacred to Aphrodite but did you know that the national flower of Cyprus is actually the perennial and hardy growing ‘Cyclamen Cyprium’ or Cyprus Cyclamen? In Limassol there is also a museum dedicated to the healing powers of medicinal flowers and plants.

Exclusive interview: Londa Manager reveals secret of boutique hotel success!

Today we start a new informal series of posts where, in true personalised boutique style, visitors and guests are offered a little peak behind the scenes here at Londa. We will be interviewing various key staff, from the Caprice Restaurant to the Londa Spa and others who are sure to have fascinating stories to tell! We hope this little series will offer a worthwhile snapshot. Our exclusive ‘insider’ interviews kick off with Londa General Manager, Jochen Niemann.

Londa unleashes new Pool Bar menu of ‘healthy dishes and superfoods’ for vegetarians, flexitarians and vegans!

Healthy eating with ‘Super Foods’ is taking the Mediterranean diet to a new level in boutique hotel luxury. Poolside at Londa is where you’ll often find hotel guests continuing their journey of relaxation after a blissful Londa spa session in-house or yoga exercises on the beach. Now guests at the pool bar can delight their senses and heighten their spirits further by mindfully exploring an irresistible array of healthy eating snacks and dishes.

Relax at Londa’s nearby Blue Flag beaches – crystal waters and stunning views under hot Limassol skies!

June in Limassol – average temperatures are hitting a sizzling 32C and there’s not a cloud in the sky! Powerless to resist the call of mythic, Greek sun god Apollo, cultural explorers and seasonal holidaymakers, alike, arrive in greater numbers than ever before to pay homage under a blazing Cyprus sky. Around one in 7 visitors head for Limassol, and many also choose to stay at Londa for an exclusive boutique experience, Mediterranean-style!

22nd Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival – energy and innovation with an international flavour!

Movement and expression unlimited! Throughout June, the 22nd Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival unleashes energy and innovation with an international flavour in all things terpsichorean! Whether a guest at boutique hotel Londa or staying at another luxury property in Limassol, the culturally curious have a unique opportunity to step out and experience new ventures in dance choreography from across Europe.

The Rialto – Theatre defined by cultural ‘exchange’ celebrates 20th anniversary!

There’s always a drama being played out nearby to Londa! Just 5.6 kms (3.5 miles) west from the hotel is Limassol’s Rialto Theatre – the city’s enduring home of the performing arts. It may not have been around as long as say, the Curium Theatre (built in the 2nd century AD) but 2019 sees the Rialto celebrating the 20th anniversary of its re-opening, which kicks off with a spectacular open-air party at Heroes’ Square on Friday May 17th.

Limassol celebrates spring with festivals of flower, Damask Rose and street life

“Limassol” and “Festival” – they not only sound almost the same but are definitely made for each other! Throughout the year, Limassol is never without its bustling schedule of annual carnivals, religious and cultural events, wine, beer and grape festivals. It‘s not too hard to see why Limassol attracts many visitors in search of authentic cultural experiences.

Easter Pascha In Limassol – Celebrate With Flaounes Loaves and Breaking of Red Eggs!

Easter Week in Limassol is fast approaching. In the spirit of spring’s ritual renewal, average local temperatures rise to a glorious 21–26C. It’s no coincidence that visitors to Cyprus, including of course Londa hotel guests, may be keen to take a mini-break. Chilly winter blasts mixed with April showers continue to sweep across several home countries at northern latitudes. The desire to relax and re-energise in Limassol’s warming Mediterranean air over Easter is always a popular choice.
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