Londa unleashes new Pool Bar menu of ‘healthy dishes and superfoods’ for vegetarians, flexitarians and vegans!

Healthy eating with ‘Super Foods’ is taking the Mediterranean diet to a new level in boutique hotel luxury. Poolside at Londa is where you’ll often find hotel guests continuing their journey of relaxation after a blissful Londa spa session in-house or yoga exercises on the beach. Now guests at the pool bar can delight their senses and heighten their spirits further by mindfully exploring an irresistible array of healthy eating snacks and dishes.

Executive chef, Michael Vassos at Londa’s Italian-styled Caprice Restaurant is launching an exciting new menu addition for those peckish poolside moments. Vassos has been creating innovative dishes at Caprice for over three decades with the focus always on fresh ingredients and healthy options.

Hotel guests already adopted a healthy-eating approach

Today, the culturally curious in search of authentic experience and insight on their journeys abroad are increasingly being joined by many a holidaymaker who takes the opportunity to explore and enjoy boutique lifestyle activities. In many cases, hotel guests have already adopted a healthy-eating approach, which today may also involve a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet. They will definitely be looking for a variety of healthy-eating options, whenever and wherever they pick up a menu!

So what can Londa hotel guests expect from their new pool bar menu when choosing from the ten carefully curated options in the “Health Dishes and Superfoods” section?

Inspiring examples of most of the popular superfoods

Presented is a tantalising selection of dishes designed for vegetarians, pescatarians (those who add fish to their vegetarian diet), flexitarians (primarily vegetarian but occasionally eats meat or fish) and generally healthy eaters, alike, to indulge their taste-buds.

Most people will have heard of the so-called “superfoods” – a term popularly used to describe food items assumed to contain extra health benefits due to their exceptional nutrient density. This usually refers to plant-based (plus oily fish and some dairy) foods, particularly berries, nuts, seeds, olive oil, dark green leafy vegetables, yoghurts and salmon.

You’ll find inspiring examples of most of the popular superfoods on the new menu, starting with a delicious tasting natural yoghurt filled with crunchy walnuts, Chia seeds, Goji berries, fresh berries and honey.

Abundance of vitamins, proteins and specific antioxidants

Goji berries – also known as ‘wolf berries’ – have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years and also attracted a reputation for being the No.1 powerhouse of nutrient-packed super foods, containing an abundance of vitamins, proteins and specific antioxidants.

Chia seeds are part of the mint family and derive from a central American flowering plant. They are ‘tiny titans’ full of important, hard-hitting nutrients such as iron and calcium, rich in antioxidants, and an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and fibre. Chia seeds and Goji berries are also featured in a refreshing green salad option alongside fresh asparagus, pomegranate, dry figs – a Mediterranean staple dating back to 2,500 BC – and drizzled with turmeric dressing.

Wild rice higher in protein than regular rice

A mixed ‘greens’ salad accompanies a scrumptious cod fish and shrimps burger served in uber chic black brioche with sweet potato wedges. Pescatarians might also be looking at either a grilled fresh tuna – featuring baked Jerusalem artichokes, broccoli and a fabulously rich red pepper coulis sauce or a grilled salmon fillet dish, which includes baked beetroot, wild rice, mixed greens and quinoa salad.

While there’s no red meat on this menu selection, flexitarians may well have their eyes on a grilled chicken breast served with wild rice – higher in protein than regular rice – and spinach, and includes classic Italian mozzarella cheese. Guests who consider that they are simply trying to follow a healthy eating approach will be spoilt for choice with the pool bar menu.

More people are determined to stick to healthy eating choices

Despite being on holiday, more people are determined than ever before to try and stick to healthy eating choices as they do at home. Perhaps with one or two naughty treats – it is holiday time, after all! Nevertheless, there is a greater awareness of adopting a balanced nutritional diet, consistently linked by medical research to emotional, physical, and cognitive health while a lack can lead to poor health and various lifestyle-related diseases.

Vegetarianism grew by 400 per cent in the past decade according to a 2018 survey by market research company Nielsen. In Europe, it appears that it’s a Mediterranean country, Italy, which leads the way with ten per cent of the total population adhering to a vegetarian lifestyle, followed just behind by the UK, Germany and Austria at nine per cent.

Cyprus is at the traditional heart of the iconic Mediterranean diet, of course. Londa is dedicated to also helping to lead the way by catering for the needs of all her many guests with exclusive boutique innovation in menu options, whether in the Caprice or poolside.

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