New Harvest @ Londa Beach Hotel

The third Thursday of every November is an exciting time for every wine lover and Caprice, the bar–restaurant of Londa Beach Hotel. This is the time that the new Beaujolais arrives to bring us merriment. The Beaujolais nouveau, as the French call it, has – by tradition – been produced to celebrate the end of the harvest in the Beaujolais area of Burgundy.

Beaujolais is a single varietal wine made exclusively with Gamay grapes. It is bottled after a 6-8 week fermentation period, which is relatively short compared to the one of the ‘cru’ wines of the region, like the Pinot noir. One of the most interesting facts about the cultivation of the Gamay is that it was outlawed twice, in 1395 and in 1455. Philippe the Good, who issued the second edict against the Gamay, stated his reasoning: “The Dukes of Burgundy are known as the lords of the best wines in Christendom. We will maintain our reputation”.

But the Gamay continued to be cultivated and its reputation certainly does not spoil Burgundy’s image. By law, all grapes for the Beaujolais must be harvested by hand. It is called the ‘vin de l’année’ (this year’s wine) and its quality is usually a precursor of the quality of that year’s vintage of all grape varietals. The Beaujolais is a ‘user friendly’ wine that invites wine lovers to instant gratification through its upbeat, fruity flavours and aromas, unlike other wines that demand patience.


This story is truly inspirational in so many ways. Beaujolais’ harvesting method, the special way of its production, and the celebrations for its arrival have been consistent for many years while the wine and its bottles are always fresh. At the Londa Beach Hotel we always try to imitate this; stay perpetual and proverbial yet fresh and exhilarating. And we aim to achieve this by creating experiences valued by our guests. The Beaujolais is this year’s first wine. It brings anticipation for the more complex and extraordinary tastes of other varietals that need more time to mature. The Londa Beach Hotel’s events showcase the sheer enjoyment, which our guests may experience, and plan a longer stay.

An intimate celebration

We invite you to celebrate the arrival of the Beaujolais Nouveau at the Caprice on Thursday, November 19, just as tradition calls for, and expand your palette with a fruity, vibrant taste paired with selected antipasti and cheeses. Have a great time with friends and loved ones, and let the new harvest celebration mark the beginning of a creative and productive winter!

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Watch our latest video
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