Let’s reveal the truth @ the Londa Beach Hotel

They say that everything is illuminated. The reflections behind a mirror glass and how we see ourselves in it; light, and how colors and shadows are formed from it; beliefs, and how they generate ideals and different points of view! One thing, however, can neither be questioned nor altered: the truth! The ultimate truth about the Londa Beach Hotel experience can neither be seen in the mesmerising pictures and awe-inspiring videos, which portray the hotel; nor can it be heard through the countless positive praises of our guests, or admired by the plentiful awards we have received throughout the years.
The Londa Beach Hotel experience can only be lived (and believed)! It can be felt through the sea views offering a sense of openness and infiniteness. It can be tasted through our talented chef’s three-course dinners and our bartenders’ exclusive, trendy cocktails. What’s more, it can be sensed in an ambience of pure bliss at the Londa Beach Hotel spa. Isn’t it about time you planned your dream vacation, at this idyllic holiday destination ?

The truth is inevitable

The truth is indeed inevitable, just like the necessity for the ultimate experience of relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxurious holidays! It’s a perspective of blind faith, or the illusion of righteousness. There is a Hindu tale regarding this matter, The Elephant, and on November 6th, at the Rialto Theatre you can enjoy its choreographic application by Milena Ugren Koulas and Eleni O’ Keefe! On November 9th, also at the Rialto, you can enjoy a play which depicts a story of truth, Code Red (A Few Good Men) by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin, in an adaptation directed by the incredible Andreas Araouzos. The play is a legal drama tangled with the themes of truth and whether the truth can be manipulated or not. Spoiler alert… It never is!