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Peloponnese Wine Festival Biggest Showcase in Limassol: Track Your Favourite Taste Online!

The first of many annual Cyprus festivals dedicated to celebrating the fruit of the vine arrives in Limassol. Wine lovers, connoisseurs, the culturally curious, and lifestyle hotel guest, alike, should expect a ‘vintage’ experience exploring authentic heritage wines from a Mediterranean vineyard terroir*.

*A terroir is defined as “vineyard geology” or how a particular region’s climate, soils and aspect can affect the cultivation and ultimately, the quality and taste of the wine produced.

The Peloponnese Wine Festival 2020 – now in it’s fourth year – will showcase the biggest ever collection of its finest quality, native and international wine varieties grown in ancient vineyards across the Greek peninsula, from Nemea and Patra to Mantinia, Monemvasia and Kalamata.

The one day event featuring 26 top Peloponnese winemakers – each with their own distinctive style and more than 200 hundred different wines to taste – is to be held at the Ceronia Hall, Carob Mill Restaurant (nearby to the Old Port, just 6kms / 3.7mls from Londa) on Monday 3rd February, 12:00 – 20:00.

Winemaking history dating back 4000 years

The Peloponnese is a peninsula at the southern edge of Greece with a winemaking history dating back 4,000 years. The region covers 21,549.6 (8,320.3 containing unique soils and micro-climates, and produces over 300 indigenous grape varieties with its many vineyards forming part of the popular Messina province wine tours. Among its well known ‘appellations’, i.e. legally protected, geographical wine making locations, are:

‘Nemea’ – including an indigenous variety of red wine also known as St. George, and the deep black and ripe berry, Agiorgitiko.

‘Mantinia’ – a refreshing light, delicate, white wine made from an aromatic native variety grape, Moschofilero.

‘Patras’ – including a dry white made from domestic grown Rhoditis grape and a sweet fortified red wine made from the local Mavrodaphne and Korinthaiki grapes.

‘Monemvasia’ – aromatic, primary red fruit wine with nutty oak flavours and velvety texture.

Explore exciting new blends and track favourite wines online

Experienced wine lovers and those sampling Peloponnese varieties for the first time will be able to explore exciting new blends of ‘fruit’ and ‘sweetness’, ‘bouquet’, ‘body’ and ‘finish’ – key attributes of serious wine tasting. There’s even a masterclass, “The Icon Varieties of Peloponnese: Their Styles and Perspectives”, which will provide unique insight into the different varieties as expressed through the influence of their native terroirs.

Sampling taste ‘notes’ and jotting down ‘notes of specific interest’ also goes digital as real world experience is uploaded online. In an immersive first for the Peloponnese Wine Festival, all participating wineries and each of their wines, will be available at for keeping personal notes and tracking favourite wines. A personal wine list may also be compiled from the entire day’s wine tasting experience!

It may be no coincidence that the Peloponnese wine growers have chosen Limassol for their festival. The history and culture of wine making in Cyprus is equally impressive, and can be traced back even further – by at least 6,000 years – even before the time of the ancient Paphos mosaics depicting Dionysus, the mythic Greek god of wine, himself.

Recognised as the Wine Capital of Cyprus

Nearly all exports were carried out from ‘Lemesos’ – the original port name for Limassol – and with around two dozen winemaking villages of its own, Limassol is generally recognised as the “Wine Capital of Cyprus”. So much so, that in 1987, the International Office of the Vine and Wine (O.I.V.) openly called for Limassol to be officially known as the “City of Vine and Wine”.

Among the many historic winemaking locations is the Krasohoria in the Omodos region, just north of Limassol. The Vouni Panayia-Ambelitis wineries of the Pitsilia, and the Commanderia are located in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains, a 50 minute journey from Limassol. The renowned, sweet Commanderia dessert wine, which is one of the world’s oldest wines, has been produced exclusively from two types of indigenous, amber-coloured Cyprus grape since the 12th century.

Limassol Festival and Londa Wine Pairing

Limassol will once again be staging her own eagerly anticipated annual Wine Festival, lasting 10 days, in the Municipal Gardens, 28 August – 6 September 2020. Attracting more than 15,000 visitors each year, the celebration of Greek wine, music and dancing has been a highlight of the island’s festival calendar for nearly sixty years.

From time to time, Londa also organises a wine “pairing” evening to accompany a special 4-course dinner in the Caprice Restaurant, which form part of regular series of ‘lifestyle experience’ events at the hotel. Guests, local residents and visitors to Limassol are offered an exclusive opportunity to become acquainted with Cypriot wines of the finest quality produced at a traditional, family-owned local vineyard.

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