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Exclusive Interview: Londa Spa Manager Says Guests are taken on a “Journey of Tranquillity”

It’s the “fastest growing travel sector”, say guide book publishers, Lonely Planet. In only two years, ‘Wellness tourism’ grew by 6.5 per cent to hit a staggering worth of $639 billion in 2017, and is set to reach $919 billion by 2022, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

At the same time, it’s reported that focus on the travel “experience” continues its rapid shift to travellers who increasingly seek personal “transformation”.

In the second of our exclusive interviews, Londa Spa Manager, Marcela Fojtikova provides insight and shares her thoughts on therapies and treatments, explaining that “unique deep pressure techniques are tailored to individual needs” for relieving stress.

Q: Today, in the age of the boutique hotel, ‘luxury lifestyle’ has come to also mean restoring wellness and a range of ‘health and wellbeing’ facilities offered as an important part of a guest’s enhanced, relaxation experience. Which therapies and treatments do Londa Spa offer?

MF: Londa Spa offers a variety of pampering treatments in collaboration with renowned spa brands, Elemis, Thalgo and Reviv. Elemis and Thalgo are top of the range treatments involving facials, body wraps, body exfoliations, massages, stone therapy, manicure and pedicure.

Reviv is also a global leader in providing “restorative” vitamins, nutrient infusions for revitalising overall well-being, refreshing cosmetic appearance and treatments for jet lag or a hangover. Their “replenish hydration” is another important wellness therapy.

All Londa Spa staff are trained and experienced in Elemis and Thalgo therapies, and Reviv is performed only by qualified medical staff.

Q: What started your interest in spa therapy treatments and what areas of health, beauty and wellbeing are you exploring today?

MF: I became interested in Spa when I understood that a Spa experience is no longer just a pampering moment. It is also about stress relief and stress management. Everyone knows what stress is but very few people know how to undo its effect.

Everyone’s stress levels and needs are different. Therefore we offer a choice of treatments. From the moment our client arrives our aim is to take him or her on a “journey of tranquillity” and enhanced wellbeing of body, mind and soul.

Q: Londa Spa has developed it’s own “Signature” organic skin remedies. Can you describe any particular special or unique ingredients they possess and for what conditions they would be particularly effective to treat?

MF: Londa’s signature spa body treatments are designed to help and relieve all aches and pain after a long day. Unique deep pressure techniques are tailored to individual needs and applied to release muscle tension and tightness, which leave the body refreshed and rejuvenated. We use NHR, British brand of organic essential oils.

Q: At the start of 2019, it was announced that Elemis was acquired by global natural cosmetics specialist L’Occitane International. Do you think the products will change in any way?

MF: Yes, Elemis has been given an amazing funding for expansion from L’Occitane Group. This has nothing to do with the L’Occitane brand itself but only with the group that owns that brand. While I don’t think there will be any changes made to any of the products, 2020 will be an incredibly progressive year for Elemis.

Q: What skin conditions or other wellbeing issues are treated more than any other at Londa Spa and has this always been the same or do you detect worrying trends?

MF: Londa Spa is not a medical spa and we do not treat skin conditions, however, some Elemis products can help psoriasis or sunburn. Our aim is to deliver whatever the guest needs in the treatment areas of relaxation, anti-ageing and stress management.

Q: Interest in ‘holistic’ wellness and ‘natural living’ now spans an endless range of treatments including, organic cosmetics, healthy-eating, veganism, body and mind exercise, yoga and spiritual ‘cleansing’ and reenergising, etc. There is also much information out there. What do you believe is one of the most important actions an individual can do on a regular basis, such as a Spa treatment, to improve their sense of wellbeing?

MF: First step to a successful treatment is to perform a complete consultation. A consultation will help develop a full interpersonal connection to establish a long-term relationship and obtain better results when prescribing a treatment plan. The goal of a professional consultation is to establish client trust and provide the right treatment plan order to fulfil the client request while still respecting their needs.

I believe that there are several actions an individual can do on a regular basis to improve wellbeing which can include spa therapy. Depending on their needs, a spa experience can improve happiness, encourage anti-ageing, better sleep, better blood flow and circulation, and support weight loss.

Q: What treatments and therapies are the most popular at Londa Spa and would recommend to a visitor as the ultimate session?

MF: The most popular treatment by far is massage. It has been around for thousand of years and has number of health benefits.

Our recommendation would to spend the whole day in the spa and use the facilities with sauna and steam which is included of the price of treatment. As for a treatment, we would recommend to have a full body exfoliation with full body relaxing massage and facial. The Londa Spa facilities are an excellent addition to a spa treatment as it fully completes the entire wellbeing ritual.

Q: Not all countries have a warm Mediterranean climate like Cyprus nearly all the year round! Is there any advice you would suggest to visitors from northern or eastern Europe, for example, for taking care of the skin during the autumn and winter seasons? Do spa treatments at Londa change according to the time of year?

MF: At Londa Spa we offer different treatments all year around to satisfy needs of our guests. A recommended regular routine would be to:

Exfoliate – removes dead skin to promote cell renewal.
Avoid using soap or body products on the face – using the same product everywhere can cause dryness, sensitivity and irritation.
Moisturise – drinking enough water is extremely important for all skin types
Sunscreen – Skin ageing is mostly caused by sun exposure

Also, a healthy diet is my recommendation that everyone should be doing every single day. A great skin comes from healthy eating.

Q: Are there any exciting new research developments in Spa therapies, skin care or massage treatments that you believe could really take off in the years ahead?

MF: Spa and Wellness is absolutely set for great growth in the coming years, and for several reasons:

A new generation are looking to extend their years of good health and more people are realising that the key to good health and longevity lies in their own hands. There is more wellness products available in all price categories and globalisation is opening the doors to wellness lifestyle philosophies.

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