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Clean environment and recycling in Limassol – Festival promotes total health and wellbeing


The “environment” is as high on the agenda in Cyprus as the Troodos Mountains, which rise 1,952 metres (6,404 ft) up into the fresh, sunlit Mediterranean air.

Among a number of sustainability initiatives, the island has 57 ‘Blue Flag’ beaches, officially recognised as the “Cleanest Bathing Waters in Europe”. Since 2016, Limassol and five other city districts have also embarked upon a 4-year plan “dedicated to cleaner, better transport”. Cultural explorers in search of rich authentic experiences often expect no less, with health and wellness playing an increasing part in helping to rebalance the inner spirit with the outer environment.

Maintaining quality of life and cultural heritage

As visitor numbers from around the world grow – up from the island’s previous tourist record of 2.7 million in 2001 to 3.65 million visitors in 2017 – the importance of issues such as clean air and recycling are vital to maintaining the quality of life, often linked to historical and cultural heritage.

As recently as August 2018, the Limassol Municipality installed rubbish bins along the beaches in the Molos area, which enable users to recycle their litter in three separate categories. Fourteen general waste bins and nine recycling bins can now be found in three locations along the Akti Olympion Beach – the central beach of Limassol, located near the historic city centre.

Did you know… recycling one ton of paper will save the life of 17 trees and one ton of recycled glass conserves energy equal to 135 litres of petrol!

Promoting protection of the environment

Just two fascinating facts that you are sure to discover at this year’s “Recycling and Environment Festival” – the fourth annual event organised by Green Dot Cyprus in association with Limassol Municipality – taking place on Saturday, 6 October 2018 at the Limassol seafront promenade (Molos), 10:00 – 18:00.

The Festival is aimed at promoting the contribution of recycling to the protection of the environment and its impact upon improving health and quality of life. At the same time, the event will promote the need for everyone to play their own part in changing perception and behaviour by respecting the environment and as a result, improve their health and wellbeing.

“Green Dot” system

The next few years are “decisive for recycling in Cyprus”, according to the Environment Department. By 2020, the target is to recycle 50 per cent of all domestic waste. The “Green Dot” system has been established to help citizens sort their household waste at source to enable separate collections. The annual Green Dot Festival continues to provide information about how important environmental goals can be achieved.

The next generation is of course, key to the future environment. Educational games will be available at the Festival for children to play, which will enable them to learn about the environment and recycling.

“Wellbeing” programme for all ages

The relationship between the inner life and outer environment is also explored at The Festival with the inclusion of “Wellbeing” – a special programme for all ages involving activities focused upon healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Visitors will be able to visit a number of exhibitor stands to discover more about how environmental issues have a direct affect upon the way we all live, work and relax. Information may be obtained on how we can start to improve our relationship with the environment and ultimately, transform our lives.

Cultivating mindfulness, and how to reconnect with our environment and inner selves is at the core of personal wellbeing. Spiritual health can of course be also linked to diet, nutrition and exercise. The rise of ‘health and wellbeing’ tourism is therefore no coincidence. In the age of “boutique” style leisure activities, the focus is upon offering guests the immersive experience of “total wellness of mind body and soul”.

Reconnect with the inner self

An increasing number of guests see their annual vacation or mini-holiday break at Londa as an opportunity to totally unwind and reconnect with their inner being. Experiences are sought with the aim of rediscovering energy and meaning that are too easily lost in people’s daily, hectic lives.

The journey back to a sense of wellbeing can often start with the facial and body treatments and going on to explore the dedicated ‘Relaxation Area’, offering a plunge pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. Beyond the health and beauty spa, gym and sauna there is also yoga / meditation sessions, often conducted on the beach.

A positive outlook to oneself may also bring a newfound respect for the environment. A clean environment is a basic condition for total health and wellbeing, which is a necessary part of an enhanced quality of life.

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