Cyprus holidays

Cyprus holidays

Cyprus holidays

A weekend break or a long vacation? It seems the irresistible lure of a sun-drenched, golden-sand Mediterranean idyll continues to work its mythic magic, whether for 2 days or a fortnight! More visitors from around the world are booking Cyprus holidays than ever before. More than 3.6 million people arrived in 2017, up from 3.1 million the year before, of which one in seven will stay in Limassol.

Limassol Hotels

More people are also choosing to stay in one of the growing number of Limassol hotels offering holidaymakers exceptional holiday experiences that a new generation of cultural visitors seek. Of an estimated 530 hotels on the various listing sites for Cyprus hotels, a handful may be described as new ‘boutique’ luxury accommodation.

Cyprus resorts

It’s no surprise that Limassol has been rated the 3rd “up-and-coming” destination in the world, according to Trip Advisor’s ‘Top 10 Traveller’s Choice Destinations on the Rise’. Following the opening of the revamped 650-berth Marina in 2014, Limassol has acquired a reputation as one of the top Cyprus resorts for music, theatre, art, drama and sport as well as the ever-popular food and wine festivals staged the whole year round.

Top hotels Cyprus

Today, both family holidaymaker and cultural tourist see the top hotels Cyprus enabling them to experience more than simply lounging by the pool. The age of the “boutique” style hotel has been established more than three decades at least where guests look for more than a room with a view. They seek out and to embrace a renewed connection with their inner selves and their immediate surroundings.

Spa hotel Limassol

The rise of the personal wellness industry and the spa hotel is making its mark in the major Cyprus holiday resort areas such as Ayia Napa, Larnaca and Paphos. It’s also reflected in the growth of the Spa hotel Limassol. A true ‘luxury’ hotel is firmly focused upon providing their guests with “total wellness of mind body and soul”. Guests facilities at a spa Limassol hotel, for example, are sure to include a health and beauty spa, gym and sauna – and yoga / meditation sessions, often on the beach.
Research has identified two types of guest seeking to stay at a spa hotel. While one considers wellness as the purpose of their stay, the other chooses their hotel stay based on their lifestyle. Interestingly, over 60 per cent of guests will still choose a hotel based on wellness even if they never actually use the facilities but nevertheless are seen as driving the spa hotel boom.

Cyprus all inclusive

The ‘all-inclusive’ is a traditional hotel and travel package offered by large holiday resorts, which includes several sightseeing options. Today, the Cyprus all-inclusive holiday package at a modern boutique hotel is likely to offer a ‘personalised’ guest experience complete with a wellness spa session.
In Cyprus, as well as in many other popular visitor destinations, hotels will offer their own special all-inclusive packages to attract the growing number of holidaymakers keen to embrace new experiences, whether honeymoon couples, partners on a mini-break or a family group.

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