Cyprus hotels at the authentic heart of the Cypriot way of life

[column-half-1]More than half a million visitors now arrive in Cyprus every month during the high summer season – up by 140,000 over 5 years. Many of the annual holidaymakers will have pre-booked a Cyprus all inclusive accommodation at one of around 500 Cyprus hotels concentrated in the main tourist areas. Popular locations range from music scene destination, Ayia Napa and nightlife centre Limassol to traditional family resorts in Protaras and Pernera.
Accommodation in Cyprus for its growing number of annual visitors – now hitting 3.6 million – comprises around 800 “accommodation units” from hotels, hotel apartments, guesthouses, organised apartments, and tourist villas to camping sites and traditional houses. There is an estimated overall bed capacity of more than 84,300 beds.[/column-half-1][column-half-2]Cyprus hotels[/column-half-2]
However, the best hotels in Cyprus may not only be found around the popular beaches hugging the Mediterranean shoreline, they are also likely to be few dozen kilometres drive away from the authentic beating heart of the Cypriot way of life.

Cultural explorer curious to make a genuine connection

Today, a new breed of cultural visitor is no longer content with a basic package of sun, sea and sandy beach! Interest in the luxury hospitality industry has risen by nearly 8 per cent, worldwide. The rise of the boutique hotel is in direct response to the cultural explorer curious to make a genuine connection and engage in a meaningful way with their chosen destination. Guests seek out unique and enriching experiences where a hotel combines individual room interiors, unusual décor, local cuisine and cultural expression with informative yet stylish presentation. In an age where luxury vacation is increasingly defined as the “luxury of the authentic”, the top hotels in Cyprus succeed by catering to the increasing desire for visitors to be immersed in genuine historical ties with their location and local community. Throughout the year, time-honoured customs and festivals are celebrated in the many towns and villages found half hidden nestling in the island’s many high mountains, such as the Festivals Of Wine and Grape or the Festival of Traditional and Folk Dance, held during the summer months. Cyprus is enticingly located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Upon nearly every inch of the island may be found powerful, evocative reminders of a history stretching back three thousand years or more, and which has been populated with Phoenicians, Persians, Ptolemies and Romans.

An environment for natural relaxation and holistic experience

Today’s sophisticated and often seasoned globe trotter not only desires luxury beyond traditional designer interiors and tired menu choices. Their goal is also to seek out and to embrace “mindfulness”, which brings a renewed and affirmative connection with their immediate surroundings. Many of the new ‘luxury style’ hotels offer a range of facilities that engage with personal health and wellbeing. One of their chief aims is to act as an environment for natural relaxation and an enhanced personalised holistic experience. The best hotels will not only include a health and beauty spa, gym and sauna but also yoga / meditation sessions, often conducted on the beach. The appeal to a sense of culture and tradition is at the heart of the best Cyprus hotels, where guests can have trust and confidence that they will discover the experiences and insight they seek.

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