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Londa Hotel to Krasohoria – a cultural journey from guest room to mountain village

Londa Hotel to Krasohoria – a cultural journey from guest room to mountain village

It’s Limassol Carnival time once again – when just about anything goes! Since the 8th February, the streets have been filled with a non-stop, eye-popping parade of riotous colour, costume, music and dance that reaches its dazzling climax at the Grand Carnival on Sunday 18th. Read more here about this annual joyous celebration of Cypriot culture in the run up to Lent.

With the sun helping to gently warm up the air to a pleasant 18C, everyone senses that spring is just around the corner, as Easter ushers in the start of this year’s holiday season. Here at Londa Hotel, the lure of the Mediterranean, and its all year round promise of sun, food, lifestyle and culture, has already brought visitors from around the world to enjoy – what is for them – a break from the midwinter blues back home!

The vivacity, energy and spirit of Limassol Carnival is always the big draw at this time, but Cyprus also brings the naturally curious explorer in search of all that is authentic and cultural. We like to think that our boutique approach to interior design may prompt guests to begin or further widen their cultural journey of exploration while visiting this historic island.

Starting-point for guests to visit the many places of cultural interest

Each bedroom at Londa is presented as an unique space of feature and detail. Bold contemporary colour and pastel chic dance with traditional craft elegance in a striking aesthetic mix. Here you will discover the sensual umber glow of polished Mediterranean olive wood dressed with delicate Lefkaritiko lace – all hand-made in the villages of the Troodos Mountains – and adorned with glinting silver filigree, a metal first worked by Greek craftsmen more than two and half thousand years ago.

Our hotel location at the southerly edge of the island, almost halfway between west and east, is a convenient starting-point for guests to visit the many places of historical and cultural interest, from ancient archaeological sites, such as the vast Amathous excavation or the Kourion Amphitheatre, to the 15 medieval castles and churches dotted throughout the district.

Those visitors determined to seek a living expression of traditional Cypriot community life will be keen to venture into the many traditional wine-growing villages in and around Limassol. Known locally as ‘Krasohoria’, the traditional architecture, and cobblestoned narrow passages are home to small vibrant communities where traditional Cypriot life and culture can be still glimpsed at open air feasts and celebrations.

Omodos, for example, is an perfectly preserved village at the heart of the wine growing district, or Lofou where the original stone houses, which have been beautifully restored nestle among the cobbled lanes, or the neoclassical primary school, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful on the island.

Traditional folk architecture

Another fascinating location is the village of Vasa Koilani, found high up in the Troodos Mountains, and is one of the main grape growing areas on the island. The village still retains its traditional folk architecture of houses originally built with tiled or flat roofs, picturesque lofts, arches, decorated frames, and carved limestone walls. Original earthenware jars are displayed in the yards, alongside the original equipment for the production of wine or the distilling of a strong spirit, known as Zivania.

The village is known for its tradition of the opening of the Pithari. As far back as the Cretan Minoan civilisation, grape juice was fermented in large pottery storage jars – with a capacity of 150-300 litres, one of which was opened after the harvest in a celebration of dance and song involving the entire village and much tasting of its rich flavoured contents.

Prior to the harvest, in the high summer of August time, Limassol celebrates its historic wine making villages and traditions, which can be traced back more than 6,000 years, at the annual Limassol Wine Festival – read more here.

As the Mediterranean sun continues to climb high in the island sky, Cyprus visitors and Londa guests will find a rich, immersive experience of history and culture alive and well among the many villages living under its burnished, golden glow.

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