Winter break at Londa: Nature’s authentic luxury experience, within and without!

Carnival is coming! New Year celebrations are a distant memory as Limassol gets ready to kick off the 2018 season of cultural adventures into the music, dance, food and wine of local tradition. Londa contributes too by presenting throughout the year a regular programme of jazz evenings featuring international musicians where a mix of hot licks and cool tones are an evening of boutique pleasure!

With mostly sunny days and current average day time temperatures of 19C, it’s no surprise that Londa Hotel will once again be booking in visitors who usually take their winter holiday break at this time.

The more pleasant Mediterranean weather always attracts those guests who look forward to ‘totally relax and recharge’ by escaping the long icy-cold or rain-swept winter months back home in northern Europe. The brighter skies and warmer air means sightseeing opportunities in and around Limassol, where there’s always fascinating cultural experiences to be discovered at any time of the year.

The historic and the mythic are never too far away

Only 6 kms (3.8 miles) from Londa Hotel, for example, is the Old Port and former fishing boat area of the 1950s, alongside a thoroughly modern 650-berth Limassol Marina, where the Annual Boat Show takes place every May. At the centre sits 13th century Limassol Castle – where it is said that Richard the Lionheart married his Spanish bride in 1191. Its white stone façade stands resolute amongst the surrounding vintage and modern style restaurants, coffee shops and elegant clothing stores. The historic and the mythic are never too far away. The 2nd century AD Kourion Theatre – one of the most spectacular of Cyprus archaeological sites – can be found 24 kms (15 miles) west along the coast.

But for quite a number of hotel guests, the first port of call is a session at the Londa Spa – an immersive experience aimed at nothing less than a ‘total physical and spiritual rejuvenation’ designed to restore inner calm and peace.

The journey back to a sense of wellbeing

Our trained therapists will design your very own personalised massage treatment, combining the ‘Swedish Method’ with Chinese acupressure point therapy. Londa’s Spa treatments are developed using only the purest organic ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and natural plant compounds, which are traditionally associated with health-protecting qualities. The journey back to a sense of wellbeing could start with the facial and body treatments of an Elemis or sea-sourced Thalgo Spa-Therapy. Guests may also want to explore Londa’s ‘Relaxation Area’ and the sensory pleasures of plunge pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

Adventurers aiming for a boutique luxury experience of the cultural / spiritual kind have endless opportunities during their stay on the island. Around a half an hour’s drive north west from Londa near Kato Platres, is possibly the best-kept secret on the island – Chantara Waterfalls, which translates as a “scale”, i.e. weighing machine.

The spirit of renewal that island visitors often seek

Located between Phini (or Foini) Village – and a Monastery named after the river Trooditissa (also known locally as “diplos potamos” or double river), the waterfall erupts through a wild landscape of “platans” pine trees. A huge rock protruding from the middle of the falls rips apart the relentless torrent, twisting and turning as it violently plunges 8 metres down the volcanic rock to crash into the lake below. A text found in the Archive of the Community Council describes the water as falling with a “peculiar humming” … it “overwhelms you” and you “feel the mind resting and reviving”.

The forces of outer energy recharges inner power! It’s the spirit of renewal that island visitors often seek in their sightseeing adventures, and which can also help Londa guests rediscover in the Spa Room or Relaxation Area. Immersive experiences connect the traditional principles of mind, body and soul. The island performs its own kind of natural healing the whole year around, from the community rituals of Carnival and Grape Festival to the gatherings at Health and Beauty Expos.

The eternal mystery and redemptive power of the mythic Mediterranean waters are a constant reminder of nature’s authentic luxury experience within and without Londa’s own window views.