St Valentine’s Day: Aphrodite Returns To Londa Beach Hotel!

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day – one of our favourite times of the year is back for a magical time of traditional “eidýllio” – romance, redefined Londa Hotel style! Could there be a better place to celebrate the eternal mystery of love and desire than in the very birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, herself?

Did you know that the Londa Beach Hotel is located within easy reach along the shoreline from Limassol to Paphos where according to legend, Aphrodite rose from the sea at Petra tou Romiou. It’s a few kilometres drive but always a lover’s timeless journey!

Couples of all ages are increasingly drawn to Cyprus at this time of year. Some take the opportunity to briefly escape the icy winds of a typical, English February day. In Limassol, average temperatures tend to be around 12°C (54°F), with highs reaching a very pleasant 16°C (61°F). However, many couples are simply seeking to also bathe in the warm glow of the love they re-dedicate to each other on this special day. In February 2016, nearly 66,000 visitors arrived on the island, up from 50,700 in February 2015, a rise of more than 30 per cent, according to a survey by EworksWSI Cyprus.

Our guests experience their own ‘renaissance’

The Goddess Aphrodite has been most famously depicted floating ashore on a scallop shell in “The Birth of Venus”, by early Renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli in the mid 1400s. Casanova, the 18th century Italian lover would eat 50 oysters everyday for breakfast, and scientists have even found the ‘aphrodisiac’ properties that the traditional myth long held was contained in the sea shell food.

Here at Londa Beach Hotel, our aim is to ensure our guests experience their own ‘renaissance’ of Italian amour – or as it is known here in Limassol – ‘agápi’.

The artist masterchefs at Caprice Restaurant have once again been preparing for St Valentine’s Day. We hear that secret ingredients have been blended and traditional courses transformed with a special love-inspired menu of classic mouth-watering dishes for two. Those seeking to seriously indulge their taste for luxury-style romance, the Londa Beach Valentine’s Day Package promises something really special, accommodation-wise, including early check-in and a late check-out!

Ultimate experience of the physical senses

Time slows down at Londa Beach. The Goddess of Love wants you to take your time to enjoy! That’s why guests can celebrate St Valentine’s Day over three days, not just one. That means time for one of the ultimate experience of the physical senses – a visit to the Londa Hotel spa for a full body massage. You can even enjoy a whole day of pampering and relaxation either before, during or after the big Day itself.

Then it’s Carnival season! A flamboyant riot of costume, dance and ritual takes a colourful grip of Limassol – but will tell you more about the excitement and energy, and where it can be found on the next post. Keep checking!