Three-day weekend @ Londa Beach Hotel

Three day weekends are the best. They are the short vacation we all need to rest and ‘reload’. The days we spend working are in a way similar to each other, but our time off, whether it is just for a few days or for a longer period of time, can be really special.
Keeping that in mind, our team at Londa Beach Hotel tries to exceed themselves when the long weekends arrive. We consider leisure the ultimate luxury of our times and we make a point of doing more than our best to satisfy the guests who decide to invest their leisure at Londa Beach Hotel. Yes, we do consider leisure a valuable asset and we respect anyone who trusts us to make their time in our facility memorable.
This is why we invite you to visit the Londa Beach Hotel Spa this weekend. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the full treatments and the relaxing surroundings. We suggest you discuss your personal well – being concerns with our spa therapists. They are all trained to the highest level and will be able to adjust your programme and your treatments to address your particular concerns. The purpose of a spa ritual is your absolute revitalization, so fulfilling your demands is our top priority. Take the opportunity to have a look at our spa menu here, so as to be already prepared to discuss your programme with our team.

The best is yet to come

As you unwind, relax and enjoy your stay, our team is working to the maximum of their ability, making sure that everything around Londa lives up to your expectations. We consider this to be our ‘dress rehearsal’ for the high season that is fast approaching. We will be happy to receive you and offer you a small taste of what makes Londa Beach Hotel a unique destination in itself.