Drink, dance and be merry at Limassol Carnival

During the next few days our home city, Limassol, is going to swing to the rhythm of its Carnival. It is a traditional festival that has been celebrated for over a hundred years. Celebration starts every year on Shrove Thursday and it is really hard to miss. The tradition orders that fresh meat is grilled and roasted in every tavern, every home and every cooker in Cyprus and everyone has at least one bite meat. This tradition of meat eating and wine drinking has been held since the ancient times when Cypriots were celebrating Dionysus, the God of vines and carnal pleasures.

Modern celebrations

The municipality of Limassol is the main bearer of festivities, starting at noon on February 12, when the Limassol Serenaders will be singing at Saripolou Square. On the same day, at 19.00 the “Carnival King of Melody and Song” with his entourage will enter Limassol in a festive atmosphere, on an illuminated float. This is the official commencement of celebrations that will end on Sunday, February 22, with the Grand Carnival Parade and the Grand Carnival fiesta. During these ten days there will be many things to see and do around the city. All events held by the municipality of Limassol will be free of entrance but you may catch other festivities at other locations like the Limassol Marina.

Green Monday at the Londa Beach Hotel

According to tradition the Carnival festivities are part of a long Christian tradition that allows Orthodox followers to be self-indulgent and enjoy wine, food and dancing before the Lent starts. The customary celebration of the first day of Lent is the Green Monday on February 23. Inspired by this tradition, Londa offers a specially curated buffet lunch at the Caprice, offering fresh fish and seafood that redefine culinary conventions and turn Green Monday into another cause to seek pleasure.

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